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Thu Dec 21 09:07:34 CST 2000

Alert to Phylogenetically-inclined Systematists:

New Program Announcement from U.S. National Science Foundation
Biocomplexity in the Environment (or BE; electronic announcement NSF 01-34)
Deadline: March 29, 2001

The third instalment of NSF's Biocomplexity solicitation for this year
(fiscal year 2001) includes a component labelled Genome-enabled
Environmental Science and Engineering (GEN-EN in short) which encompasses,
despite that molecular/ecological verbiage, studies on deep branches of the
Tree of Life. While a full-blown Tree of Life initiative remains a
discussion topic, the Biocomplexity competition provides a funding
opportunity for larger-scale projects than usually funded through core
programs like Systematic Biology. What are envisioned are projects involving
small teams of researchers working on "deep branch" relationships, ideally
linked to the study of important environmental features mediated by those
organisms, whether microbial or macrobial. The budget cap is $1.5 million
per project, for a 3-5 year study; the total budget for GEN-EN this year is
expected to be ca. $11 million, so just a few projects likely will get
        The announcement is available on the NSF website at, along with other
announcements that should attract interest from phylogenetically inclined
systematists, such as the continuing series of Research Coordination
Networks (RCN) in Biological Sciences competition (announcement NSF 00-56),
with its "last Friday in June" deadline.
        The deadline for GEN-EN proposals is March 29, 2001, and proposals
must be submitted through the NSF electronic FastLane system, from U.S.
eligible institutions (but also note the emphasis on "global perspective" to
involve international colleagues).


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