Ammonites from Triassic- needed experts

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Thu Dec 21 15:27:02 CST 2000

Hallo dear friends,
a colleague of mine, a biologist is very serious field explorer, but he is not interested in only one topic to study. 
He is not specialized and he is the amateur botanist, geologist and zoologist and palaeontologist too, 
who collected a lot of ammonites from Triassic, mostly Lower Triassic. 
He is very intelligent and skilful, but sometimes too original person. He identified many of specimens 
and he had very interesting and original statements, different from local geologist and palaeontologists statements. 
He said that geologists and palaeontologists mostly can't understand what he can because they mostly don't know nothing about the sea organisms and he said that he was experienced diver, too with knowledge about ecology of the sea environment. 
He spoke about lot of new discovered taxa and some extremely new areals of the fossils and so on. 
Some local biologists think that it may be just one of his bad jokes, but I think that we can do better than that. 
My colleague need some better source of information than old books that he use, I think. 
He may be right in some statements.  
His collections look like very interesting and if he is wrong, he can make some corrections in his statements. 
This is better way I think than to make jokes about it.

Do you know some nice publication related to this topic, or some expert for this group 
of fossils who is interested to communicate or to help him?

Best regards, 

Bo┼że Kokan
Natural History Museum Split
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