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The May issue of Journal of Biogeography includes a review of 
Craw, et al. 1999. Panbiogeography: tracking the history of life. Oxford Univ. Press; reference is Panchen, A. L. 2000. J. Biogeog. 27:777

and the history and controversies over Panbiogeography are discussed in some detail by David Hull in his Science as Process (1989. University of Chicago Press); a book all involved in science will benefit from.

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Below are a couple of papers dealing with panbiogeography that have 
recently come to my attention. John Grehan
Hajdu, E. (1998). Toward a panbiogeography of the seas: sponge phylogenies 
and general
         tracks. In Sponge Sciences: multidisciplinary perspectives (eds. 
Y. Watanabe, N.
         Fusetani), pp. 95-108. Springer, Tokyo.
         Modification of quantitative panbiogeographic methodology applied 
to 154
         marine demosponge species in 9 monophyletic clades. A quantitative 
         was performed for minimal distance links between classically 
accepted areas of
         endemism for marine benthic organisms. 85 distinct tracks were 
observed with
         33 comprising general tracks with two or more component tracks. 
Sixteen areas
         with multiple area relationships were identified as having a 
composite biogeographic    origin.
Zunino, M. (2000). El concepto de area de distribución: algunas reflexiones 
teóricas. In Pribes 2000 vol. 1 (F. M. Piera, J. J. Morrone, and A. Melic 
eds.), Sociedad Entomologica Aragonesa, pp. 69-78.
         Cladograms mapped onto tracks.

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