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The 1994 Tokyo ICBN, Article 23.1, reads as follows:

The name of a species is a binary combination consisting of the name of the
genus followed by a single specific epithet in the form of an adjective, a
noun in  the genitive, or a word in apposition, or several words, but not a
phrase name or one or more descriptive substantives and associated
adjectives in the ablative (see Art. 23.6(a))....

So I guess "binary" is for botany.

Robin Leech

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> I see a preference for binomial out there (makes me think of mathematics),
> However binominal and binomen are the 'correct' terms, at least according
> to ICZN over the last 2 editions (don't know about the botanists).
> uninominal not uninomial.
> The French version of the code glossary graciously points out that
> binomiale is not quite correct. The English version grandly ignores
> Your pedant's thread for the day.
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