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As a scientific cooperator of the laboratory of fotography we use the
Fujix DS505, with a digital flashcard of 40MB. The advantages are the
possibility of changing lenses, it can be put on a macro stand etc.
Last year this was one of the few professional solutons for
and battery equipped microscope photography.  The rechargable batterie
a very long time.

see also: newsgroup rec.photo.digital.

I would suggest that you consider a digital camera that records on 3.5"
disks.  There is no need for either serial cables or special memory
Although you may lack some features, you gain the utility of instantly
having JPEG files for use on any PC.  Memory is cheap and disposable so
image copies may be made in the camera and given out to others with you.

And, resolution is OK on Sony Mavica 83/88 models ($699/$899).

If you have many people making images in the field and the need to
files among them, the use of diskettes may outweigh considerations
smart media/serial cable limitations.  Investment to create and transfer

images is much less than that for cards, etc.  And remember, you need a
smart card reader to access images on a smart card.  A reader needs to
be at
every location where the images are to be viewed, edited, and archived.
Likewise, with a serial cord many cameras require proprietary software
downloads.  All this is moot if the serial cable is forgotten, lost, or

Of course, this solution cannot compete with the resolution of the
outfit mentioned previously.  But, it may be appropriate for the smaller


Newly released digital cameras and their features can be viewed at:


The home page at http://www.dcresource.com/ has additional information.

http://www.steves-digicams.com/ has a number of reviews of digital
along with sample output that ranges from macro to telephoto. The
are well written and contain strong and weak points of each camera.

The Nikon Coolpix 990 is due to be released in April, that's the one I'm

waiting for.


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