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Fri Feb 25 16:13:50 CST 2000

Dear Taxacomers,

I just received the question for help added below from one of our biology
students. It would be great if someone could give us/them advice. If
someone is subscribed to Entomol, it would be very kind if she/he could put
this question also into that list.
Thank you very much in advance, DIETER (answers to:
dieter.walossek at

We have been working with the stick insect-like Prosarthria teretirostris
(Fam. Proscopiidae) since 1999. Still, we know little about this species
and would very much appreciate any information concerning breeding,
anatomy, physiology and life cycle of Prosarthria.
Thank you in advance for active participation!
Study group of Harald Wolf, Department of Neurobiology, University Ulm

Prof. Dr. Dieter Waloßek
University professor & Head of the Section for Biosystematic Documentation
Dean of Studies for Biology
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