New York Botanical Garden North American Bryophyte Catalog Update

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Tue Feb 1 13:25:43 CST 2000

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        Approximately 20,000 new records from the contiguous U.S. have been
added to the searchable catalog for the following families of mosses:
        Andreaeaceae, Bruchiaceae, Buxbaumiaceae, Dicranaceae, Ditrichaceae,
Fissidentaceae, Seligeriaceae.
The total number of records now available for searching in the North
American Bryophyte Catalog is approximately 130,000.  This number includes
all hepatics and anthocerotes from the entire flora area (U.S., Canada and
Greenland), and all mosses from Canada, Alaska, and Greenland.

Images are available for selected Sphagnum types, e.g.,
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        The NYBG North American Bryophyte Catalog project has been supported
in part by the National Science Foundation since 1996. We anticipate that
the catalog will be completed in  2001.

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