The future of taxonomic expertise in Europe

Mary Barkworth Mary at BIOLOGY.USU.EDU
Wed Feb 2 09:15:22 CST 2000

My only comment on Stephan Helfer's comments is that graduate school is
rather late to take one's first course in plant taxonomy. In the U.S., many
students with BS degrees are employed on vegetation surveys and the like. If
one wishes to become involved in plant conservation, ecology, or any other
area in which taxonomic ability (in terms of keying, making voucher
specimens, etc.) should be encouraged to take a taxonomy course as an

Having said which, better late than never. I took my first taxonomy course
as a graduate student, but my undergraduate degree was in Physics and Math.
I am glad that I happened to take an undergraduate botany course later on,
one in which there was a lot of emphasis on understanding what one sees
around one.

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