Digital Cameras

Finn N. Rasmussen FINNR at BOT.KU.DK
Thu Feb 3 09:37:32 CST 2000

Everybody interested in buying a digital camera should check out the reviews
at the Digital Camera Resource Page:

Personally , I can recommend theNikon Coolpix 950. We use it at the
Botanical Institute, University of Copenhagen. You can take macro shots 1:1
without extra lenses, but then you are very close to the object being
photographed, and i t may be difficult to use a flash - we need a
macro-flash for the coolpix! It does use an incredible amount of batteries,
I guess it is the monitor that is the problem. The new coolpix 850 is said
be less voracious.

Jeremy Bruhl wrote:

<snip>     We have purchased the adapters and can fit it to high quality
stereoscopes and microscopes with no trouble at
all and you get more-or-less real-time images on the viewer. The swivel back
make it very easy to use on microscopes and camera stands. <endsnip>

Where did you get the adapters? I would like to have an adaptor for  Leitz
(Leica) stereomicroscopes and Photomacroscopes.

Finn N Rasmussen, Copenhagen.

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