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Just a slow news day, like traffic congestion.

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On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, James Bergdahl, Conservation Biology Center wrote:

> I agree Robin. But unfortunately, for some reason, I have not been
> interested enough in that topic to actually read many, if any, of the
> letters!? Am I missing the point or are there much more important things for
> me to pay attention too?
> James Bergdahl
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> From: Robin Leech <robinl at CONNECT.AB.CA>
> Date: Wednesday, February 02, 2000 9:16 PM
> Subject: Farewell to Species
> I am rather fascinated by the wave-like activity on TAXACOM. Things can go
> along for a long time with a simple message and an answer later.  Then
> something like "Farewell to Species" comes along, and as mysteriously as
> mushrooms appear, Reponses and opinions pop forth.
> Fascinating, really fascinating.
> Robin Leech

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