2000 years of stasis

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At 03:33 PM 2/4/00 +1100, Don Colless wrote:

>         I thought I might be the last TAXACOM-er left who
>remembered David Hull's 1965 paper on "The effect of essentialism
>on taxonomy: 2000 years of stasis". How nice to find that there
>are at least 2 more of us. May we hope that as cladistics becomes
>even more obviously essentialistic, alarm bells will ring again.

I have often thought that the introduction of molecular data did much to
increase Aristotelian essentialism in systematics.  After all, the
underlying principal is that the mortal corpus (phenotype) is an imperfect
and corrupt reflection of the underlying eidos (genotype), that we can
never achieve perfect understanding via the physical world we see, which is
a lie, but only by comprehending the underlying unvarying essence, which is

Small wonder then that cladistics and molecular biology make such cozy

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