Farewell to species (but not yet!)

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Feb 6 13:22:48 CST 2000

     Thomas, very well expressed.  But one can even avoid that "small sin"
and add that additional valuable information by simply putting a Kinman
marker in for the "removed" descendants.  Liliopsidea (monocots) originated
in Magnoliopsidea (dicots), so just put a {{Liliopsidea}} marker in the
appropriate spot in Magnoliopsidea (if later knowledge shows you didn't get
it in quite the right spot, you can move the marker beside another dicot
order).  It's so easy and informative, how can cladists object to it?
                             --------Ken Kinman
    Curtis Clark wrote:
>>Paraphyletic groups are fine, until someone assume they provide
>>information about kinship.
    Thomas Lammers responded:
>They do.  All their members are descended from a common ancestor.   That's
>kinship.  You've just left some fellow descendent(s) out of the group.   So
>you haven't got ALL the facts on kinship expressed.  Not good.  But it
>seems a small sin compared to polyphyly, which indeed provides no
>information about kinship.
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