crocodile tears

Thomas DiBenedetto TDibenedetto at DCCMC.ORG
Sun Feb 6 12:07:19 CST 2000

Prof. Dov Por wrote:
We are discussing endlessly subjects that are  often esotherical, while
before   the   windows  of our ivory towers  the helpless species are dying.
I disagree strongly with your attitude. Some of us find these discussions to
be important. I think these issues speak to the crucial issues of how
rational people conceptualize and organize information about biological
diversity. If you are not interested, you are not required to participate.
Instead of shedding crocodile tears  about it and go on  building our
cladograms , it would be more bioethical to go to the field,
collect,describe,preserve   and leave the   dealing with nomenclatural
revolutions and discussions about sister groups for a later stage.
I dont have a clue as to what you mean by "shedding crocodile tears" about
anything. And I resent your preaching about ethics. I think it is possible
to go to the field, collect, describe, and preserve diversity, and to have
an active intellectual life at the same time. At least some of us are trying
to do that.
To that end, I must apologize because I will be out of town for 13 of the
next 15 days, so I wont be able to deal with a lot of the mess I have
contributed to.

Tom DiBenedetto
Coordinator of Expeditions and Bioinformatics
Center for Marine Conservation
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