Farewell to Species and Nomenclatural Stability

Stuart G. Poss Stuart.Poss at USM.EDU
Mon Feb 7 09:25:38 CST 2000

Do you have the citation to the Frost and Etheridge work?  Thanks.

Geoff Witten wrote:

> Hear, Hear!
> It is relatively easy to use an asterix or quote marks to indicate such nomenclatural imperfections.  Frost and Etheridge did this on their work in my area of iguanian lizards.  The fact that they used a monophyletic group of Acrodonta including the *Agamidae and Chamaeleonidae is amusing to me, as the smallest monophyletic group including these groups would include all iguanian lizards, and perhaps all extant and fossil lizards.  I used their conventions to indicate as much in a poster on the relationships of iguanian lizards, with *Acrodonta being relegated to the meaningless bin of metataxa.
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