[Re:] types of organization

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Thu Feb 10 11:58:51 CST 2000


>It is today  politically correct to say that an amoeba and Homo represent just
>different strategies to cope with natural selection. Just two different ways
>to transmit genes.. What a terrible and dry evolutionary desert!
>Dov Por

That would be Richard Dawkins´s view. I do not know in which countries this
view is politically correct, I guess in France and Germany it is definitely not

I browsed a little bit recent, german literature about the history of biology.
It may well be true, that in today´s Germany Gould´s view about interactors,
contingencies etc. is politically more correct because such a view ties better
in with a pluralistic political system and is less suspect of science fiction
and ideology.

In France, I recall having read something by Pierre Paul Grasse who dismisses
Darwinism altogether (including "natural selection", I suspect) as an
ideological system. But I do not know the recent state of arts of politically
correct evolutionary biology in France, though I would be interested.

 Are there any good lists about the philososphy of biology?


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