Hauhau Tree

P. F. Stevens peter.stevens at MOBOT.ORG
Thu Feb 10 15:20:43 CST 2000

>And here lies an interesting story.  Tilia is called bass wood in the US
>because, apparently, early conversation could not pronounce bast wood from
>Europe.  And bast fiber, referring to phloem fibers, are supplied by both
>Hibiscus and Tilia....so maybe the usage is related, even if the species
>are not.

I think that  phloem fibers occur in most of Malvales in the broad sense -
i.e. including Thymeleaceae, for example, where they can be used for making
paper - etc.  A synapomorphy at some pretty high level there.  They are
very common in Malvaceae s.l. (incl. Tiliaceae).

Peter S.

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