MICH Fungus Colleciton Website Changes

robert fogel rfogel at UMICH.EDU
Mon Feb 14 08:44:51 CST 2000

The University of Michigan Fungus Collection is pleased to announce a
number of changes to our website. Technical descriptions for Lactarius
(Hesler & Smith 1960), Phaeocollybia (Smith 1957), Tricholomopsis (Smith
1960), and Zelleromyces (Singer & Smith 1960) species can be retrieved as
part of specimen search, species information search, or from the on-line
key. Other genera will be added soon. Checklists for states, counties, and
host or habitat can now be created from the 35,700-specimen database. A
limited number of images can be retrieved in a specimen search, as can DNA
sequences deposited in GenBank. The Geographic Information System has a
new simpler, search form and a number of new features for drawing maps.
The URL for the Fungus Collection home page is
http://www.herb.lsa.umich.edu/index.htm. You can access the search forms
directly at http://www.herb.lsa.umich.edu/bioinformatics.htm.

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