Farewell to Species - reticulation

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Tue Feb 15 11:00:34 CST 2000

>classification here; the one around which we build our naming system. There
>are many ways to classify humans, but our naming system for humans is based
>on our genealogical relationships.

This is complete nonsense. According to my knowledge, the naming system common
in Germany, and as well in the US and the UK is based on the name of the father.

For example, my name, Schlemmermeyer, is not at least a little bit indicative of
any geneaological relationship besides the patriline of my father.

And moreover, it would be completely impossible for a taxonomist, except
perhaps for a molecular one, to reconstruct genealogical relationships among

Moreover, many former slaves, deported to Brazil, now have typical Portuguese
names such as "Silva", "Gomes" and so on. Slaves deported to the US, however,
seem nowadays have typical Anglo-Saxon names, such as "Smith", "Miller" and so
on. Any phylogenetic taxonomist would deconstruct such names.

Sorry for my 2 centavos again,   Thomas

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