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Rodman, James E jrodman at NSF.GOV
Tue Feb 22 13:19:08 CST 2000


The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) - Biological Sciences Directorate
is sponsoring a NEW PROGRAM titled "Research Coordination Networks in
Biological Sciences." The announcement for this program is NSF 00-56 and can
be found on the electronic NSF OnLine Document system at: or by clicking through the NSF
webpages to Biology and then to new announcements. If, after reading the
announcement, you have questions, please contact Dr. Sam Scheiner at
703-306-1481 or at sscheine at

The DEEP GREEN coalition of researchers certainly has been one impetus to
this new NSF program. Coordination among the "Deep Green" researchers was
facilitated by a tri-agency (DOE/NSF/USDA) award made several years ago, but
that program has ended. NSF wishes to continue the opportunity to encourage
and foster communication and collaboration, particularly among researchers
who traditionally may not have worked together. In particular, networks
analogous to the DEEP GREEN coalition should give special attention to this
opportunity (Deep Exoskeleton?, Deep Fur?, Deep Feathers?, Deep Hypha?).

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