Primers and seeds of Senecio

Pieter Pelser pelser at NHN.LEIDENUNIV.NL
Wed Feb 23 11:36:12 CST 2000

Dear Taxacom colleagues,

Recently, I have started my PhD project on the molecular phylogeny of the
Senecio jacobaea-group (Asteraceae) at the Nationaal Herbarium Nederland,
Universiteit Leiden Branch. In order to unravel the evolutionary history of
Senecio jacobaea and its closest relatives I am planning to sequence the
plastid MatK exon and possibly part of the adjacent spacer regions.
I would like to come in contact with workers on Senecio or related genera
(e.g. Kleinia, Solanecio, Delairea, Packera, Dendrosenecio, Cineraria,
Euryops, Othonna etc.). I am also looking for MatK primers (preferably for
Asteraceae) and Senecio seeds. Does anybody have any suggestions?

Yours sincerely,

Pieter Pelser

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