Paul Dessart dessart at KBINIRSNB.BE
Wed Jan 5 13:06:16 CST 2000

Double help requested from the kind taxacomers:

1) Who could give me informations on a fine amateur entomologist, (Rd?) A.
Watsham, who is collecting or was collecting at Salisbury in Rhodesia/Zimbawe ?

2) In a TV documatentary program, I saw a gasteropod, apparently a
nudibranch, recently discovered and feeding exclusively on the pest alga
Caulerpa taxifolia, in Mediterranean sea; the name, as I could catch it (it
was never written!), could be Lobiger ceratifalsi, or something like that.
However, Lobiger doesnot appear in Zoological Record on web...  Who could
give me a source of more informations?

Many thanks to any helper!


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Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique,
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