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Wed Jan 5 16:24:38 CST 2000

I want to thank "publicly" all the colleagues who so kindly and quickly
answered both my questions on Watsham and Lobiger, namely Drs Gary Gibson,
M. Villet, John Nopyes, Jim Woosley, Joan Thorne, Henrik Enghoff...
        In 1980, I had dedicated a species to the collector Watsham and now,
I'm busy to explain the etymology of all the taxonomic names in my
speciality-group: now, I know enough.
        As far as Lobiger is concerned, this comforts me in the opinion that
many TV documentaries are wonderful as far as the images are concerned and
very often bad in the comments, since that "newly discovered species"
(Lobiger seradifalsi; an optisthobranch) was described in 1840...

Once more, many thanks, Taxacom is often a wonderful tool!

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