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>Earle Spamer asked me to post this query to TAXACOM:
>Miss Etheldred Benett (1775-1846) of Wiltshire, England, published
>two catalogues of fossils in 1831 in which she named an ammonite, a
>gastropod, four bivalves, and 20 sponges, including two new genera.
>Does anyone know of an EARLIER woman naturalist who formally
>published new taxa, fossil OR modern?  And if so, kindly supply the

    Il existe :

Catharina Helena Dörrien, C. H. 1779. - Verzeichniß und Beschreibung
der sämtlichen in den Fürstlich Oranien-Nassauischen Landen
wildwachsenden Gewächse. Lübeck, bey Christian Gottfried Donatius.

[Orarien e sphalmate Oranien.]

[Une première édition ou impression est datée de 1777.]

    Je ne me souviens plus si elle a vraiment publié des noms pour de
nouveaux taxons.

    Salutations amicales,

    Jacques Melot, Reykjavík

>Benett, E.  1831a.  A catalogue of Wiltshire fossils.  In: R. C.
>Hoare, The modern history of South Wiltshire, v. 3, pt. 2.  J Bowyer
>Nichols and John Gough Nichols, London, pp. 117-126.
>Benett, E.  1831b.  A catalogue of the organic remains of the County
>of Wilts.  J. L. Vardy, Warminster, iv, 9 pp., 18 pls.  [Available
>for taxonomic nomenclature; ICZN Op. 1609.]
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