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Fri Jan 7 10:55:56 CST 2000

I received very interesting mail:

> Scientific societies in the U.S. are increasingly coming under the control
> of mutual-favor affiliates, who hire only from the pool of "friends"
> (white-collar mobsters).  With this obligation in their practices,
> organizations once affected, are always increasingly affected as time
> passes.
> 1. They do not consider the majority sector of the population in
> hiring.
> 2. They obtain federal research dollars for the exclusive benefit of
> affiliates, which includes subcontracted groups.
> 3. They only appoint affiliates to the ranks of society governing boards
> journal editorial boards.
> 4. They mentor junior affiliate students with favoritism, not based on
> merit.
> The major universities that participate in this criminal activity
> are often land-grant universities, but the practices have spread to where
> non-land-grant universities are also very seriously affected.  An example
> UC Boulder (in many different science disciplines).  A partial list of
> affected universities:
> a. Cornell
> b. Texas A&M
> c. Ohio State University
> d. New Mexico State at Las Cruces
> e. Colorado State University at Ft. Collins
> f. Kansas State University at Manhattan
> g. University of Nebraska at Lincoln
> h. Universities in Idaho, Dakotas, and Utah
> i. Washington State University at Pullman
> j. University of Florida at Gainesville
> k. University of Wyoming at Laramie
> l. University of Delaware
> The mutual-favor sector is spreading to ominous levels in many
> Even though mutual favors might not seem so serious, it is extremely
> serious.  Mutual favors are the mode of ops for mobsters.
> The white-collar group in academia has ties to mobsters, corporate elites
> (U.S. and transnational), and even fascist groups in U.S. intelligence and
> military. These people consider themselves the elites of the New World
> Order.  With control of academic institutions, press, leadership in
> countries, corporations, etc., they will eventually transform the world
> one which is mob-controlled.
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