SPNHC Newsletter

Tim White tim.white at YALE.EDU
Mon Jan 10 10:29:01 CST 2000

Hi all,

FYI, deadline for the next SPNHC Newsletter is Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2000.

Please send meetings and workshops announcements, job postings and articles
of interest to the Newsletter editor, Tim White (tim.white at yale.edu).

The Newsletter is published in February and August by the Society for the
Preservation of Natural History collections.  For more information on
collection care and SPNHC visit the society's web page at www.spnhc.org.



Tim White, Senior Collection Manager     Yale University
Division of Invertebrate Paleontology    170 Whitney Ave., PO Box 208118
Peabody Museum of Natural History        New Haven, CT 06520-8118

203.432.3767 (voice); 203.432.9816 (fax)
tim.white at yale.edu (email), www.peabody.yale.edu (www)

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