Stuart G. Poss Stuart.Poss at USM.EDU
Mon Jan 10 12:59:47 CST 2000


We've put some summary information on this turtle species together in an effort to
understand its effects within the Gulf of Mexico coastal ecosystems.  This can be
found at

Literature referred to there suggests that this species may be omniverous.  We would
be most interested to incorporate additional information about this species, either
from you or others.

Please keep us informed of your progress.

Stuart Poss

Ed Pirog wrote:

> I am presently doing a study on the Red eared Slider (Trachemys s. elegans). A
> reference cited that one of it's food sources is Eel grass (Vallisneria). Can
> someone possibly give me a reference, or references that might be able to fill
> in the blanks as to what else uses this plant as a food source, propagation,
> and general natural history of the plant. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
> Ed Pirog
> pirog at

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