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     Canvasback ducks love "eel grass" (wildcelery in particular) so much
that it is part of their scientific name, Aythya valisineria.
     One general literature source would be Korschgen and Green, 1988.
American Wildcelery (Vallisneria americana): Ecological considerations for
restoration.  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Technical Report No. 19.
     And if you are doing Internet searches, you might have better luck
using the common name wildcelery, since there are other genera called eel
grass.  Hope this helps.
                    Cheers, Ken Kinman

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>Subject: Vallisneria
>Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 09:34:08 -0800
>I am presently doing a study on the Red eared Slider (Trachemys s.
>elegans). A
>reference cited that one of it's food sources is Eel grass (Vallisneria).
>someone possibly give me a reference, or references that might be able to
>in the blanks as to what else uses this plant as a food source,
>and general natural history of the plant. Any input would be greatly
>Ed Pirog
>pirog at
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