tiny flowers

Dieter at Mizzou1.Missouri.edu Waloßek Dieter at Mizzou1.Missouri.edu Waloßek
Thu Jan 13 16:25:59 CST 2000

Hi all,
   since my question was not much replied to, I have looked at the
mentioned web page. Indeed the persons there point out that this was the
first evidence of such findings of 3D preserved flowers. In fact, I have
been in Uppsala in the late 80ies and met Elsemarie Friis at a electron
microscopy conference. Elsemarie and colleagues (e.g., Peter Crane) had
described in several papers such flowers from different sites already, for
example from the Lower Cretaceous Patapsco formation, eastern North America
(Crane et al. 1986 in Science 232, 852-854). In this paper also Dilcher was
cited, who has been mention on the Webpage. Thus I don't know why he had
not mentioned this much earlier evidence and the discussion about the
evolution of flowers already started by Friis and colleagues.

Best regards, Dieter

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