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Andrew K. Rindsberg arindsberg at GSA.STATE.AL.US
Wed Jan 19 11:33:13 CST 2000

Alfred Uchman and I have gathered a set of announcements for upcoming
meetings on ichnology. If you would like to receive this 14-page file as an
attachment, please contact me privately at this email address:
arindsberg at

Ichnology Newsletter 22 is nearing completion and will be distributed to
subscribers on or about February 15.

Anthony J. Martin (Emory University) has posted most of Ichnology
Newsletter 21 (Feb. 1999) on his Website at this URL:

Most of Ichnology Newsletter 20 (Feb. 1998) is still available at:

On his website, Simon Braddy (University of Bristol) has posted the Working
Group on Gondwanan Biogenic Structures Newsletter, nos. 1 and 2, plus a
bibliography of the ichnology of Portugal by Carlos Neto de Carvalho:

Thank you for keeping us informed!

Andrew K. Rindsberg
Coeditor, Ichnology Newsletter
Geological Survey of Alabama

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