MEETING: Northeastern Forest Pest Council

Harrison, Ken kharriso at NRCAN.GC.CA
Thu Jan 20 13:56:20 CST 2000


Please accept our invitation to attend the annual meeting of the
Northeastern Forest Pest Council.  The meeting this year will be held in
Portsmouth, New Hampshire on March 1-2, 2000.

For those unfamiliar with the Northeastern Forest Pest Council, the annual
meeting provides a forum for representatives from the northeastern United
States and the adjacent Canadian provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New
Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland to share State
and Provincial forest pest highlights, forest health, plant quarantine and
integrated pest management issues with participants from government agencies
(Federal, States and Provinces), universities, industry, research
organizations, etc. It includes the Gerald Lanier Graduate Student Forum for
students at any stage in their graduate research programs. The program will
include both forest entomology and forest pathology.

A draft agenda and registration forms are available from us. We encourage
you to contact the moderators if you wish to participate in their program.
You may also contact the program co-chairs if you have additional discussion
topics or have a presentation you would like to make.


Charlie Burnham
(617) 626-1455
Charlie.Burnham at

Kenneth Gooch
(413) 442-8928  ext. 28
Ken.Gooch at

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