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Lieth, H., J. Berlekamp, S. Fuest, & S. Riediger. 1999.  Climate
   Diagram  World  Atlas.  Backhuys Publishers B.V., Leiden, The
   Netherlands. ISBN 90-5782-031-5 [CD-ROM] Price: US$64.50

   Available from:
   Backhuys Publishers B.V.,
   PO Box 321,
   2300 AH Leiden,
   The Netherlands
   E-mail: backhuys at

Climate diagrams are brief summaries of climatic  variables  and
their  seasonal  variation.  They  were originally developed for
vegetation studies by Walter  &  Lieth,  but  they  have  proven
useful  for  a  wide  range of sciences, horticulture, teaching,
etc. In biological and geological sciences climate diagrams have
been used to show the relationship between soils, vegetation and
climate. In agriculture, horticulture, and forestry, they can be
used to indicate the range for certain crops, trees,  weeds,  or
cultivated plants.

In  the  climate  diagrams  the monthly average temperatures are
plotted together with the total  monthly  precipitation  in  the
scale where 10 deg. C of average temperature correspond to 20 mm
of  total  precipitation.  The area where the precipitation line
dips below the temperature line indicates dry season;  the  area
where  the  precipitation  line  is  above  the temperature line
indicates moist season. The diagrams also  show  frost  periods.
Since  all  the  diagrams  are  plotted in the same scale, it is
possible to compare moisture, temperature and other  environmen-
tal conditions in widely separated parts of the world.

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