Linnaeus too?

Ken Kinman kinman at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 24 09:21:01 CST 2000

     It has been pointed out to me that even Linnaeus named some taxa after
people, although these were usually generic names rather than specific
names.  Most of them appear to be plant genera, so I guess my bias toward
things zoological and bacteriological is showing.
     The genera Rudbeckia and Cliffortia were apparently named for his
benefactors, so perhaps Linnaeus would not frown too much on doing the same
for species today (especially if it funds research that might otherwise be
delayed or not happen at all).  Of course, I doubt that his benefactors
actually requested to have these genera named after them.  It seems that the
genus Linnaea was originally named in honor of Linnaeus by a Dutch
                      ----Ken Kinman

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