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Thu Jan 27 08:42:14 CST 2000

Dear Paul,

>I have in a small room of my memory the some 20 year old record that the
>cecidomyiid genus Thomasiniana Strand, 1917, had fallen into synonymy; but
>no trace in my written notes.
>The Zoological Record on the web mentions one occurrence of the genus in the
>volume 121, 1984 according the cover of that book; I have been totally
>unable to locate the name in that volume, neither in 1983 nor 1985...
>Can some dipterist help me, poor hymenopterist? With all my anticipated

The name Thomasiniana theobaldi is still used on the following webpage of
harmfull insects: However,
I think it may be the same species as is refered under name Resseliella
theobaldi on the page At least, both live
on Rubus fruticosus. Does possible synonymy of Thomasiniana with
Resseliella ring a bell? At least it should give you a start to look

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