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Geoff Read at NIWA.CRI.NZ
Fri Jan 28 23:34:15 CST 2000

Brian Jones:
> ... the results of the various observations were
> published under the name of the "Cape Expedition", a title vague enough to
> hide the fact that the members were all military coastwatchers. Many of the
> participants went on to become senior members of the scientific community.

Even further off topic ... There is a nice story recorded in Conan
Fraser's "Beyond the roaring forties" that the second record of the fish
_Bovichthys psychrolutes_ Guenther, 1860 was collected onboard the
supply ship  during rough weather between Auckland and Campbell
Islands in 1943 when a queasy (Sir) Robert Falla on night watch
happened to be groping  to find his false teeth lost in the scuppers!

One of my and, if I recall correctly, Brian's, Zoology lecturers as an
undergrad was a wartime Cape Expeditioner - ecologist Ron Balham,
who died just last year. Sir Charles Fleming (prolific palaeontologist) was
another. Whoever selected those then very young scientists for the
coastwatch groups knew what they were about.

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