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B. J. Tindall bti at DSMZ.DE
Fri Jan 28 16:36:59 CST 2000

Seems to me the major difference between sponsoring expeditions and being
the patron of a name are that:
a) if you sponsor an expedition you have to pay for it before you get results
b) if you are the patron of a name you are paying for an end result

Although there is a risk in the latter, it seems a bit like playing
roulette, where in a) you place your chips before the ball rolls, and in b)
you place your chips after the ball stops. Can you imagine anyone
sponsoring a mission to Mars knowing the results of the last two, but the
potential of being the patron of the name of the first organism isolted
from Mars (if there are any), having seen the end result, is much more
Here in Germany the Greens are part of the coalition and there is still
national service, so perhaps if anyone from the Greens is listening in this
would be the way of covering the botanical and zoological diversity of
Brian Tindall

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