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The naming of expeditions seems agreeable to me in principle.  Science is not
alone in its quest for funding.  After all, Mozart, Beethoven, Tschaikovsy, to
name but a few, had their patrons, and it was not uncommon to dedicate a score
to these patrons.

Labels on herbarium specimens often reflect the sponsor of collecting
expeditions.  I see no reason to not continue the tradition.


Prof. Dov Por wrote:

> I fully agree with the dangers of the  "new", but  institutionalised selling
> of species names.  Instead, and in order still to obtain soft money from
> patrons, I suggest to return to an old practice of naming expeditions after
> patrons, like for instance "The Percy-Sladen Expedition". This was the name
> of a trust fund.  To finance a collecting trip  can give to the patron a
> title that is everlasting . For instance: " The Collembola" of the XXXX
> Expedition to  Ruritania" .  This would be necessarily more  money and
> better used. There will be no problems of hasty and irresponsible naming and
> no cluttering of the lists of synonyms.
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