Collecting in the army

Alexander Martynov doris at AM3963.SPB.EDU
Sat Jan 29 01:45:01 CST 2000

 Following the strange, but beautiful theme about collecting in the army...
When I was in the one-month  military training camp (after finished
of so called Military Department of  University,
it is instead normal army for students)  in the Far-Eastern taiga
(Primorsky region) I very succesfully collected Unionacea
in the crystall clear small rivers - pearl-mussels (genus Dahurinaia)
and some another taxa... Dahurinaia (often also as subgenus of
Margaritifera)  dahurica was so usuall, that I clear understand
stupidness for including  this species to red book.
My place in the "barracks" was overfull of any kind
of the jars, containers, phials etc, that my fellow-students called it
"laboratory", usually in a very negative sense. So, in usuall days
we fired differents guns and drove an armoured troop-carriers,
but in the weekends (and in some another evenings also) - at least for
me - only molluscs.
  Some from this collection now in Zoological Museum
of Far-East State University...

Alexander Martynov (doris at
Zoological Institute, St.Petersburg
Sat, 29 Jan 2000 01:02 +0300 MSK

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