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>Perhaps the military could be induced to fund young taxonomists in out of
>the way places under a similar scheme!

I just saw a show on the television which highlighted an operation in
progress by Army Rangers (an old unit of mine) in which they were raising
and re-introducing eastern diamondback rattlesnakes into the area they
conducted training in.  So things are happening...

I think that this is a real possibility.  Speaking from the experience of
12 years in the military.  There are many yound troups in the United
States military who are in just to earn money to pay for college.  Each
base has an office dedicated to getting these troops basic college
classes out of the way before they get out of the military (English,
Math, etc.)  If someone were interested in pursuing this, I have a
feeling that contacting these offices at local bases would be a start.
Perhaps an service wide program could be started.

I can tell you that during my twelve years in the military I was able to
get to all but three continents and so many varied areas that I would
have a fabulous collection by this time, if I had been interested in it
at the time.

Robert Neidlinger
neidlrh at

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