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Julien Marmayou marmayou at CIMRS1.MNHN.FR
Mon Jan 31 11:55:11 CST 2000

The Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle (MNHN), Paris, France, has since
1802 been a publisher of journals and monographs in zoology, botany and
paleontology. The 3 sections of the old "Bulletin" have recently been
revamped as Zoosystema, Adansonia and Geodiversitas. Information on these
and other items published by the Museum can be viewed at:


The site presents contents and abstracts for the latest issues,
instructions to authors, information on how to order, etc.
Beside the classical natural history museum research topics listed above
(mostly published in English), the MNHN publishes materials on biodiversity
management and history of science (in French), as well as geology and
stratigraphy, ethnology, etc.


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