Myoporaceae in the Caribbean

Stinger Stinger at FIU.EDU
Mon Jan 31 11:37:29 CST 2000


There is one known apparently native population (and several introduced
ones) of Bontia daphnioides in Florida.  It was collected by Roger
Hammer here in Miami, Scott Zona (zonas at here at Fairchild did a
treatment for the generic flora for the Myoporaceae and that was the
only species.


Gerald "Stinger" Guala, Ph.D.
Keeper of the Herbarium
Fairchild Tropical Garden
11935 Old Cutler Rd.
Miami, FL 33156

"Could anyone direct me to literature that would provide
some detail as to the distribution of this angiosperm
family in the Caribbean. I wish to clarify whether it is
on the "mainland" or just the Caribbean archipelago.

The distribution of this family is said to be Caribbean,
southern Africa, Mauritius, eastern Asia and Australasia.
An old disjunction?

John Grehan"

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