Farewell to Species

Don McAllister mcall at SUPERAJE.COM
Mon Jan 31 21:01:31 CST 2000

Geoff Read wrote:

> > It may be too late for Earth nomenclature,  start with unique
> > uninomials and separate identifying names from
> > relationships/classifications.
> Umm, how would you stop the current cop-out pseudo-x, para-x, neo-x's
> epithets from creeping into uninomials too?

Right on Geoff,
As well I forgot all about the new genetic Monsantomonsters that are being
created too.  Haven't seen the Taxacom thread tackle that
nomenclatorial-clad-classif. horror yet! Fortunately there were just a few
major transgenic events in the past.  Now we will get a new one every week
with the Biosafety Protocol ruling saying that nothing in the protocol will
interfere with WTO rules!


Don McAllister

> :-)
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