Sally Shelton Shelton.Sally at NMNH.SI.EDU
Thu Jun 1 15:35:27 CDT 2000

From:  Fred Sheldon, Curator of Genetic Resources, LSU
Museum of Natural
Science (fsheld at and Donna Dittmann, Manager,
Collection of Genetic
Resources, LSU Museum (ddittma at

We are starting a new listserv:  GENCOL:  Genetic Resource
Policies, Issues, and Methods

This listserve follows the model of AVECOL and other list
services that are
forums for discussing collecting and collections. In the
case of GENCOL, the
discussions will pertain to tissues, DNA, or other genetic
resources that
may be stored by museums, zoos, universities, etc.  The
issues to be
discussed, or questions asked, can concern anything having
to do with
genetic resource collections, including:  management, loan
collecting, storage, permits, publicity, and so on.   The
purpose of GENCOL
is to increase communication among genetic resource
collectors, managers,
and users and, thus, to improve efficiency, set priorities,
and raise public
and research-community awareness.

I hope you will join.  All curators, collection managers,
field biologists,
and lab researchers are welcome.  Please spread the word.

To Subscribe:  Send the following email message to
listserv at

SUBscribe GENCOL-L Your Name

Or simply send an email to Fred Sheldon or Donna Dittmann
expressing your

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