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    I believe Daurica is a region in Mongolia, and I assume that it shares a
border with Siberia to the north.  Perhaps this will narrow your search.
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>Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2000 13:54:41 +0200
>Dear colleague,
>1) despite numerous searches and consulted books, I have been unable to
>locate with certainty which "Russian" region authors mean when they use the
>specific name "dauricus, -ca, -cum"; for whom wanting to help me, it is
>useless to list the various hypothetical solutions I'm confronted with!
>2) in a tv documentary on the atoll of Aldabra and the Aldabra Tortoise
>(Geochelone gigantea), it was said that the tortoise use to take shadow, in
>the hottest hours of the day, under trees called Guettarda; according the
>database of the Index Kewensis, there is really a lot of species of that
>genus of Rubiaceae: does any botanist know if there is a species specific
>the atoll, or at least one most common there?
>Many thanks in advance (and personal thanks only next Wednesday)
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