Euro+Med PlantBase/ILDIS

Rupert G. Wilson r.g.wilson at READING.AC.UK
Tue Jun 6 09:15:48 CDT 2000

Euro+Med PlantBase/ILDIS

We are appointing an accomplished information scientist to work part-time as
Coordinator and Database Manager for the Euro+Med Project and part-time for the
ILDIS World database of Legumes. The post will be in the Euro+Med PlantBase and
ILDIS secretariats (members of the Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics)
at the School of Plant Sciences in The University of Reading.

The post is initially for two months.

1. Euro+Med Co-ordination. This work involves:
a. Keeping the minutes of meetings in order and seeing they are correctly
   circulated, along with agendas and other relevant details.
b. Assistance with meeting arrangements
c. Keeping the lists of group members
d. Web pages, enquiries and elements of publicity
e. Monitoring of completion of tasks, the milestones and deliverables
f. Help in organising data for the reports
g. Finance statements, Cost administration
h. Legal matters and IPR

2. Database Manager
   Work under the supervision of the Euro+Med Project Co-ordinator and in close
   co-operation with the Plant Taxonomist and Project Leader on:
a. Maintenance of the database, including back-up, integrity checks,
   versioning, etc.
b. This work involves handling incoming datasets from other Euro+Med
c. Assisting with taxonomic editing of the database, including liaison with
   experts and bibliographic research where appropriate.

3. ILDIS Co-ordinating Centre
a. To work as the taxonomic editor dealing with monographs, regional taxonomic
   co-ordination and data quality plus database management, back-up, integrity
   checks, versioning of the ILDIS World Database of Legumes.
b.   To deal with the web page, enquiries and elements of publicity.

Further particulars on Euro+Med and ILDIS are available from
S.L.Jury at and ILDIS at, respectively.

Dr Stephen L. Jury
Euro+Med Secretariat
Centre for Plant Diversity and Systematics
Plant Science Laboratories
The University of Reading
PO Box 221

email: s.l.jury at
tel. (0118) 931 8169, overseas +44 118 931 8169
Secretary (0118) 931 8160, overseas +44 118 931 8160
fax (0118) 975 3676, overseas +44 118 975 3676

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