Royal Botanic Garden, Madrid, cryptogamic database online

Francisco Pando pando at MA-RJB.CSIC.ES
Wed Jun 7 02:23:08 CDT 2000

Introducing the MA (Real Jardin Botanico, Madrid) cryptogamic
collections database online.

The 100% of the collections are databased and now searchable on line.
The database included information on over 100,000 specimens of algae,
bryophytes, lichens and fungi, mostly from the Iberian Peninsula and
Western Mediterranean. Queries can be made by any data usually found
on herbarium labels (taxon name, collection site, habitat, etc.). All
identifications are recorded and maps (via PARC Xerox) are available
for geo-referenced specimens.

It is available at:

O en espaƱol:

The search page accedes to databases produced with the software HERBAR
( ), widely used by the
Iberian herbaria. This fact may facilitate the setting of online access for
the herbaria using HERBAR and promote the dissemination via Internet of
the wealth of data on plant diversity contained in the Iberian collections
quickly and in a common format.

We hope you find this useful and would appreciate to receive comments
and suggestions to improve it.



     Francisco Pando
     Curator of Cryptogams
     Real Jardin Botanico-CSIC         tel.: +34 91 420 3017 ext. 205
     Plaza de Murillo, 2                         fax: +34 91 420 0157
     28014 Madrid, Spain                 e-mail: pando at

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