Searching for Caffraria, South Africa

Jeff Skevington j.skevington at ENTO.UQ.EDU.AU
Sat Jun 10 17:57:10 CDT 2000

I am trying to find the coordinates (or even the approximate location) of
Caffraria, South Africa. In 1858, Loew described a species of big-headed
fly (Pipunculus mutillatus: Diptera, Pipunculidae) from this location
(collected by Wahlberg if that helps). The type is lost and I would like to
designate a neotype from roughly the same area. This may be the same place
as Kaffraria (27°48' S, 25°07' E) with a different spelling. Does anyone
out there have any idea where Caffraria is or if it is the same as



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