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At 09:07 AM 6/14/00 -0400, Don McAllister wrote:
>Mimi Harrington wrote:
>> I believe it is a figure of speech. In this case it is (I think) an
enallage. An
>> effective, intentional grammatical mistake.
>> m harrington
>Couldn't he have been in London on August 10th, when he/she should have
been in
>Paris on August 11th?  Hence wrong place, wrong date.
>Don McAllister

Yes, Don, you are correct and I fully understand this. Also, as used, Adolf
Ceska is also correct. But this is not what I meant. I did not make myself
clear and for this I apologize. The situation is when an unfortunate
incident has occurred, such as a bad car accident, and someone remarks, "He
was at the wrong place at the wrong time". This is a common expression
which I had assumed that all of you had heard. My line of thinking would
follow along that of Tom Lammers, where it involves mass, time and space. I
still have a hard time comprehending this, but as others have mentioned, it
is just a play on words to create effect. I should just get less serious
and just relax.

One more thing. Is there such a word as "enallage"? I can't seem to find it
in the dictionary.


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