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Thomas S. Kuhn wrote the book about "the structure fo scientific revolutions"
(1962). This concepts are closely related to a script by Ludwig Fleck about the 
origin of a scientific fact.

Kuhn argues as follows: In times of normal science, the scientist is judged by 
his way to deal with problems where the possible ways of solution are already 
somewhat predefined by the scientific paradigm in vogue.

>From time to time these scientific paradigms are not able to solve new problems 
or the solutions to new problems put the existing paradigm in question. In such 
times of paradigm shift it can occurr that new things are attacked but finally 
acknowledged. Generally, in times of paradigm shift appeals are made to 
philosophy, while in times of normal science the student studies the scientific 

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>I came across a quoted version of a quote from Louis Agassiz which says:
>"Every great scientific truth goes through three stages. First people say
>it conflicts with the Bible. Next they say it has been discovered before.
>Lastly they say they always believed it."
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>>For many years I have heard a description of the reception of new ideas or
>>new approaches classically divided into three stage: ignore, attack,and
>>finally incorporate as common knowledge. Does anyone know if there is an
>> source citation for this description?
>>John Grehan
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