Thai insects in 95% ethanol

Doug Yanega dyanega at POP.UCR.EDU
Thu Jun 15 14:14:41 CDT 2000

Apologies for the crosspost.

I *know* I'm going to regret this, but once again my sense of community has
gotten the better of me. I've just returned from a three-week trip to
Thailand, under the auspices of the Thai Research Council, with all
required permits, and have a *small* number of general small insect samples
which were preserved directly into 95% ethanol (all we could get our hands
on there).
        Knowing that there are probably lots of folks doing gene sequencing
and the like these days, I rather suspect that the odds are good that I've
got some material that SOMEONE out there may be desperately in need of, and
rather than let the opportunity go to waste (almost all of the specimens
are otherwise destined to be pinned or CPD'ed in the near future), I
figured I'd solicit requests from people who need such material for their
genetic research before doing anything with the specimens. Note that none
of the specimens are Lepidoptera, nor anything that cannot fit into a tube
15mm in diameter (sorry, all you Lucanid and Dynastine fans). Otherwise, I
have a little bit of almost everything, especially Homoptera. Again, bear
in mind that generally there will be very small numbers of specimens, so if
you need large series, there's no way I'll have them - I rarely collect
more than 5 of any one species. These are NOT trap samples.
        PLEASE send any requests to me *privately*, not to the list, and
PLEASE explain exactly what you are looking for and *why*. Priority will be
given to people who have actively-funded projects, though I will obviously
at least consider any legitimate requests.


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