Anacardiaceae phylogeny

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>I had a query about the phylogenetic context of the African Marula tree
(Sclerocarya birrea). A preliminary literature search revealed very little
on suprageneric taxonomy within the Anacardiaceae. Does anyone know of a
relevant work available in this regard?
>My suspicion is that the presence of resin may have proved an obstacle to
molecular taxonomists, but I would be relieved if someone can show otherwise.
My files give the following references:

Chayamarit, K. 1997. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of Anacardiaceae in
Thailand. Thai For. Bull., Bot. 25: 1--13, illus. ___ Present system not
supported, in stead 8 monophyletic groups.

Teichman, I. von. 1991. Ontogeny of the seed-coat of Rhus lancea L. fil.,
and pachychalazy in the Anacardiaceae. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 107: 35--47, ill.
___ Tribal subdivision of Anacardiaceae requires reassessment; Pistaciaceae
not upheld.

Wannan, J.C. & C.J. Quinn. 1992. Floral structure and evolution in the
Anacardiaceae. Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 107: 349--385, ill. ___ Tribal
classification artificial; Spondiadeae heterogenous.

It ain't much, but perhaps it helps?

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